Zero is the perfect dog and a 100% balls to the walls true cattledog- a true cattledog probably isn’t a good choice for most people. Zero was returned three times to rescue before he found a home with us. He was a terrified out-of-control fear monkey when he first came home. But he shook off every label and blossomed into the magnificent confidant dog he was meant to be. Zero was begging for a home that would provide him with respect, rules, fun, training, structure and above all fairness. Zero lives to be challenged and constantly learn new things. He has thrived in his new life by going for endless hikes and 15 mile runs alongside a motorcycle on trails. By diligent religious repetitive safe and fun training every single day of his life, that continues to this very day. By working for every single toy he wants to play with. By us making time in the middle of the day to take him out for hours and hours of structured exciting exercise. And most importantly by us being his staunchest advocates and protectors. He wasn’t a dog who just needed to be loved, he needed a badass partner who could step to the line and be more for him.


I hate labeling dogs. But I catch myself doing it. Zero is afraid of children. I’ve said it a thousand times. Except he’s not.

After 2 years at his side job of being the paid entertainment at children’s birthday parties and teaching kids how to train dogs at kids camp, Zero now seeks out children to throw his toys at the beach. He wags his tail when he see’s kids approaching. He is loose and jolly when children are riding bikes or playing near by, even shrieking boisterous loud kids.

Zero is afraid of loud noises. Except he performed flawlessly, joyfully, center court in front of a packed house alongside the marching band, and the cheerleaders and the crazy giant tree mascot at the stanford basketball half time show.

Zero is afraid of strangers. Except he likes to say hi to everyone now and he’ll let anyone run him in agility. And he’ll play tug with you all day.

Zero’s labels are the stick on kind, they peel off with training, a fierce commitment to learning, trust, teamwork, age and experience and one day you can throw the remnants away. Dog training is cool.

zerofeatherJanuary 22, 2015