♛ League of the UnSane ☠

“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen” ― Maurice Sendak

He’s always been an active dog, on the run, an athlete, explorer, adventurer. My constant companion. He sleeps more now, with a snore. He’s old now. Its ok to change, to be stiller and watch the world around you more. To fall asleep in the…




Exploring with my old dog. I choose this forever and ever.

The one thing

The beach is our natural habitat.


Zero is the perfect dog and a 100% balls to the walls true cattledog- a true cattledog probably isn’t a good choice for most people. Zero was returned three times to rescue before he found a home with us. He was a terrified out-of-control fear…


Roy is a hard dog. His cuteness belies his seriousness. The fastest and most agile dog in our house, the most accomplished. High drive but not biddable. Sensitive but he keeps his own council. The lesson I’ve had to learn is that he demands fairness…

Iron Roy