Sic & I got to go to our favorite national event at the beginning of nov. My new right knee turned 9 months old the same week and I felt super lucky to be able to go play agility.  With 2 brand new knees, one under a year old I tried to set realistic goals. Number one have fun. Number 2– go for it. Throw it down. Leave nothing out there.

Except for our dog walk contact performance, lol. I decided 6 weeks before the event that I needed to teach a stopped dogwalk contact. Our rc had deteriorated to a level that made it obvious I had never given Sic clear criteria about what to do on the dogwalk. So I taught him a stop, and to be fair to my dog who was performing a brand new behavior I held training criteria for each dog walk and teeter. It may have cost us time but my dog was clearly happy to know that I was able to consistent.  Im still going to go back and properly train the running dogwalk. I swear.

I just love everything about this event. The venue, judges, location, courses, volunteers, ring crews, competitors and the organization. 6 rings, 3 different surfaces and all of them were awesome to run on.

This years running orders were a who’s who of agility. The courses were insane, huge wicked tricky, fast ,and so much fun. Every team out there running was going all out. No playing it safe.

We all crowded into the arena seats to cheer for the big finals. Exciting, inspiring and so much fun.

I loved hanging out with my california agility crew and meeting people and dogs from all over the world. I finally got to smooch Roy’s nephew Bounce and cheer him on in person. My travel buddy’s Annette and Savvy threw down some spectacular runs. In my next life I will be able to kick ass like Annette.


Pretty Savvy


Roy’s nephew Bounce!


Seriously Speedy Savvy

My red haired water weasel brought his perpetual great attitude, love for the game and his endless patience for my many weaknesses. He loved running those giant courses. Also there were hoses and big grass fields to catch discs so the whole thing was pretty much a perfect world for a Super Sic.


Disc Nerd

Sic had so many great runs. My personal favorites all ended with an e but we also made it into 3 finals.

Masters Series Finals 22 inch 8th overall

Games Finals 22 inch overall 7th overall                                                                                                                    with a crazy fun Games Finals  gamblers run that got us 3rd place


This very good dog


And then we got to stand on a box for the big finals. It was an honor to run that course, and to compete with all of those incredibly talented teams.
It is always an honor to get to run any course with my very good dog.
Super Sic –UKI National Championship Finals 22 inch 2nd place

2nd Place 22 inch National Agility Championship Finals

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