Dogspeed True

01.01.2000 – 06.04.2018
One of the all time greatest badass dogs of all time.
Honorable and well-loved by all who knew him.
A brilliant and good dog, he was just wonderful.
He fought the good fight every day of his life and had a giant sense of humor. He refused labels and never gave up finding that next amazing moment.
An awesome swimmer, a beach dog through and through, with a great love for the ocean. He delighted in the feeling of sand beneath his feet.
An adventure lover and a natural athlete, he could scale a 10 foot fence and run across the face of a sheer wall of stone effortlessly.
He could outrun a deer and he never lost a sheep.
He was a friend and mentor to dog and human alike, fair, generous, benevolent.
An aficionado of french fries and tennis balls.
A once in a lifetime dog. My constant companion. Unstoppable.

He was a treasure and we loved him more than words can say.

We said goodbye at the start of summer 2018. He was 18 1/2
I imagine his pals greeted him with a cognac and a cigar.