So proud of my good boys. These guys are best friends. They both qualified for semi finals and then they both made it into finals at the Splash Dogs National Championship 2016 in Las Vegas.

14731184_1194907270552455_4812534974909863291_nWe all had a great time jumping off the docks, watching all the awesome dogs, hanging out with friends, hiking at lake mead and exploring the giant bass pro shop at the competition site.Sic had a great first year of jumping but my bad throws are always the weak spot for our team.14889741_10154785204946614_1537017757282014806_oThis year the national championship was all about Zero, and that’s what I had hoped it would be. He qualified last year as well but we didn’t go, I thought we would have a lot of chances to go in the future, but then I found out right after that he was losing his eyesight. I regretted not going so much. It was a huge surprise to get to go this year. Zeros never been a big jumper but omg he loves it so much.  He wore his Rex Specs on the days when his jumps were right into the sun. He struggled to find his toy in the pool overtime, no matter how big a toy I threw. He vision is down to such a low level around 3% in his right eye and nothing in the other eye. Along with the PRA and the torn retina he was diagnosed with glaucoma this year.14590479_1199963836713465_8701217477357819964_n14708068_1193829803993535_1188967595567628704_o

Zero the little blind cow dog 2nd Place in Finals.  No giant ribbon to pose with yet because they got stolen. But what matters most to me was how much fun my dogs made out of every minute of our nationals. 14700807_1194681617241687_6513762983641467441_o

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