Paul & Sunny ❁

Paul & Sunny ❁

Back in the early 90s I started photographing homeless people and their dogs (it later evolved into a documentary that I wrote, directed and produced but never finished). Paul and Sunny were one of the first that I started to follow around and photograph and talk to. Sunny was a big white Akita about 12 or 13 years old when we first met. She was delightful. Sunny and Paul loved each other so much.

Over the years that we talked and I took pictures of them Sunny and my dog Ed became the best of friends. Sunny passed away in thr basement of a building they were squatting in, in the tenderloin, in the arms of her heartbroken Paul. He asked me if I would keep her ashes safe until the day when he had somewhere to live. I still have them to this day. I wonder where Paul is, I hope I can give him Sunny’s ashes someday. For now Sunny’s ashes sit in a box next to Eds.


Zero and the puppy

Zero LOVES this puppy. People always ask me if my dogs like the puppy. I say yes they love him, because its true. Then they ask “What about Zero?” as though he is somehow separate from the other dogs. They are somehow dog dogs and he is a cattle dog so therefore different. Or they are cute and shaggy and he is a cattle dog.

But this here cattle dog loves his puppy. And his beardies. And teeny tiny dogs. And your dog. “He’s friendly!” I could easily say except I don’t want your dang dogs anywhere near him or any of my dogs. So go ahead, keep being skeered of the cowdog but the red puppy loves his Uncle Zero and Uncle Zero loves his red puppy.

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