Introducing the newest member of the ☠ League Of The UnSane ☻ Super Sic


Sic is a UK Registered Working Bearded Collie, also known in the isa as a mixed breed because he is a mix of border collie and bearded collie.  Sic is a red tri, which means he is red & white with orange points. His eyes are a greenish yellow and he has a red nose. His adult size and coat are a mystery. Probably he’ll be between 25 -35 p0unds and anywhere from 17-20 inches tall at the shoulder. He may end up pretty shaggy or not. So far he’s not bearded collie puppy shaggy at all, he has more of a wolverine (as in Hugh Jackman not an actual wolverine) style fringe going on.

Sic comes from a repeat breeding of the same pair. His mom is Imp. Frazzle FDA & his dad is Power Tripp’s Slowly Going Crazy FM, MBC.  His litter was born on Feb 16th 2015 and there were 8 lovely healthy puppies.

He had an enriched layered puppyhood. He and his litter mates are all gorgeous, incredibly cool looking little sport bred puppies.


Sic was born in New York state so I flew out to pick him up when he was 9 weeks old. On first meeting he ran over and hugged my leg. I felt the same way about him. We had connecting flights coming home and everyone one of them was cancelled and reschedule for hours later. So we ended up spending the entire day at airports  together. He was a blast to hang out with. traveled like a trouper. No freak outs in his crate on the plane, just a smiley happy puppy playing tug with me from inside of his crate while we flew. He was super tiny so he was able to fly in cabin under the seat in front of me.


He is named in honor of the brilliant Marco Simoncelli a fellow redhead and total badass.


I had already decided on the name before knowing which puppy we would get, as it turned out we got the red headed boy puppy so it seemed destined to be. His fancy name is PowerTripp’s Funkier Than Regular.

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