Not rain or knees will keep us from our hikes

Major rain day. Like major major for us. For the bay area.

I love hiking with my dogs. I would give up most other things easily if I could just keep this one thing. Its what Ive always done, since I was a child. My mom would just say be home at dark for dinner or something like that. And off I would go for the entire day, me & my dogs running wild exploring. I never stopped as an adult, even when it ruined relationships. Until this year. When my knees fell apart.

Im not kidding, my knees fell apart. Both of them, it started about a year ago and  by june of this year I was staggering around in constant intense pain. Like my knees were made out of shards of broken glass. Every step I took hurt. Sometimes it took me 5 minutes to just maneuver myself out of my car and into a standing position. It affected every minute of my day. I couldn’t work out, my back went out for the first time in my life. Ive been a runner since my mid thirties, I used to do more mileage but lately nothing insane just 3 miles a day a few days a week.

Family hikes with the dogs, me & my boyfriend have been our thing. Any weekend when one of us was not going to be competing in dog or motorcycle sports we always got up early and on the road for some beloved hiking time. We all spent hours out in the hills and trails of northern California.  I haven’t been able to go on a serious big time all day hike in over a year.

After a series of doctor visits, and finally seeing a sports doc and then getting an mri — the diagnosis is “ruined knees” and that I basically have to get in great shape to be able to keep walking until they replace them at some point.  I have to walk these things out until I can’t move at all and then they will replace both of them. :-/

I had a couple of good months but no more running, and somedays I can barely walk.  After a a recent resurgence of the really awful broken glass pain in one knee, yesterday my knee felt good. So I said hell yes and went hiking at dusk in that rain with my dogs. My camera was a wet crooked  mess. The light was worthless. It was cold.  And it was totally worth it. Because this is what we do. And we love hiking in the rain.

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