Fat Rain

It rained big fat rain drops today. A lot of them. And the cold wind howled a steady high strong scream. So we went hiking. Of course.

There were so many big raindrops they turned into straight out water pouring from the sky. And the dogs thought it was genius. I really wanted to be able to have my camera out and document the happiness that happens when we get to hike in the rain.

They splashed in mud puddles, rolled in wet grass. Climbed trees and rocks and ran down the fire roads shoulder to shoulder so fast, so fast. Paws barely touching the ground. Racing into the distance and coming back just as fast without a pause. Over and over, little racehorses running between the raindrops.

And it rained and rained some more. Too much rain for cameras. Except for a few quick shots of wee little Zero during a pause in the downpour. And it really was the best time ever.

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Into the storm

“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping
When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”― Dr. Seuss

Exploring in the rain is our thing. Where many might cry “ew wet dogs” we say “YES! WET DOGS!”

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