I had a 4 hour break between clients today so I tried out the 50mm again.  a. I can’t figure out what to shoot except head shots. b.I can’t find an angle I like to save my life. downonthesmallpostSeptember 26, 2014 I did capture some massive rat mouth shotsratmouth3September 26, 2014 ratmouth2September 26, 2014 ratmouthSeptember 26, 2014 I love what this lens does to the back grounds.

dandelionroySeptember 26, 2014grassfadeSeptember 26, 2014
rocksSeptember 26, 2014

feetSeptember 26, 2014 Golden hour light is a real thing. beachsmartSeptember 26, 2014
seaweedfencebwSeptember 26, 2014

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