Shooting with the 50 mm prime. Its a cool lens. I’ve had it for two years just sitting in my bag and Ive used it maybe one time before.  I can be a little lazy and tend to stick with a my go to do it all 18-105mm lens so I can shoot almost anything and get everything in the shot just incase! Or the super fun telephoto lens. This little lens always looked a little dull to me. But I gave myself a project to take it out and use it. Primes lens are a whole different tool. This lens makes you work with it, you have to get more involved in the shot in that old school kind of way. You have to walk around and find your shot from closer in to the subject. Move around and look. And then you have this fast(fixed focal length=faster speed) sharp flattering little lens doing such pretty things. I look at the photo of Roy on the concrete wall and that amazing background painted out behind him, thats all the lens doing that. I wasn’t too excited about any of these shots until I looked at the background on that one. Now I want to go back out and dig deeper with this thing. I think this little lens has some things to teach me.



truebeautySeptember 03, 2014

Sand, salt and the clearest brown eyes. I love my old dog so much.

roydramaSeptember 03, 2014

Roys insane. I’ll never figure him out. But he’s awesome

getzeroSeptember 03, 2014

And then the collies beat up the cowdog.

kingtrueSeptember 03, 2014

Random reference, my dad was in the movie Prime Cut, which has nothing to do with this post but the title of it reminded me. He played a mob guy named Shay.

Thats him in the film


I wish I had one of these lobby cards, because he’s in one of those pictures and he looks awesome.


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