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Shooting a rat mouthed dog

I had a 4 hour break between clients today so I tried out the 50mm again.  a. I can’t figure out what to shoot except head shots. b.I can’t find an angle I like to save my life.  I did capture … Continue reading

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Prime 50

Shooting with the 50 mm prime. Its a cool lens. I’ve had it for two years just sitting in my bag and Ive used it maybe one time before.  I can be a little lazy and tend to stick with … Continue reading

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Get along you sweet ridiculous little cowdoggie

LOTU does not advocate the use of clothing or costumes with Cattle Doggies. But if it happens make it awesome. See the light ❂ Dog training is fun!

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Daily DownStay

Daily DownStay ✿ On a post

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Running with scissors

Another gorgeous day. Watching the dogs joyously running together. They’re such lovely friends.  Family Wait, what? OMG Royal

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