True is 14 1/2 now, I say it a lot. His age. But its important, its important to celebrate our senior dogs. I didn’t really think of him as an older dog until we lost Woody. I find myself being so careful with him now, careful to make every second count, careful to check in.
I love him so much.
 Roy loves him too, way more then he loves the beach.

For the love of a dog

We do dog sports. And this is that moment that matters. Teamwork. Connection. Totally nailing that one perfect moment on the course with my weird little brown dog.
Dog sport people can be a lot of things. Roy & I aren’t the fastest fanciest cleanest team out there. I imagine there are my fellow competitors who think my dog isn’t much of a dog in their value system. Heck I know there are because some people aren’t ashamed to say shitty things about someone else’s dog. Thats no way to live a life people.

I love that dog and I do agility with him.
I read an gorgeous blog recently:

And this quote, this quote said it all- 
“some of the best teams our sport has ever seen were just people who loved a dog more than the game” 

Because sometimes I have judged my dog as not good enough. If only he tugged harder. Or did his weaves, or or or. And thats not ok, because its just a game and he is MY dog.