Our first walk at Albany without our old guy. It was a beautiful day, we played, we hiked, we explored, but nothing is the same, nothing feels right.
We miss you Woody.

3beachJune 16, 2014

Thug Life

seethelightJune 16, 2014

My motto this year

hopebooJune 16, 2014

and now we are just 3 of 4

yellowflowersJune 16, 2014 waterlogJune 16, 2014

pinkrockJune 16, 2014

bunnyJune 16, 2014

Hell yes

“Throw it, I’ll catch it
Point to it, I’ll fetch it
Leave it.. I’ll drop it
Scream at it I’ll kill it
Love me now and I will love you forever
We are 3 of 4! 
4 is no more but we remember him everyday
We are 3 of 4!
 My friend julie wrote that for the guys. She was probably trying to make me cry.
mblockJune 16, 2014

rawbikerJune 16, 2014

King of all dogs and now officially our old dog

dragonclimbJune 16, 2014

theladyJune 16, 2014 and now we are 3 of 4

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