HAPPY 17th Birthday to my bad dog Woody. 
His government name is Roosevelt but somehow over the years it has become Woody. Woody came to live with me in 2004 after he was dumped at the merced shelter by some people who were done with him. He lived the first 8 years of his life with them chained up in a back yard. Then I spotted him at the shelter. Woody’s not a trainers dog, he’s not fast and flashy, he’s really naughty in a criminal kind of way. 
I dont know why I adopted him. He was dirty, skeletal, had a huge tumor on his head and most of his teeth were broken off. But I took that messed up old dog for a walk and he met a drunk homeless man with a beard, a tweaker wearing a hoodie, a screaming trio of toddlers, a reactive dog, a bicyclist and a slew of other potential unstable dog markers and was unfazed by it all. He just bounced along wagging his weird little half-a-tail and let everyone pet him. 
I took him home to meet my old dog Ed and Ed liked him. And that sealed the deal. He got his CGC, TDI, learned a bunch of silly tricks and gave out a lot of solid advice and friendship in his years as a therapy dog. 
9 years later I cant believe how lucky I am that hes still bouncing along. I forget about him a lot of the time. I dont spend as much time with him as I do the rest of the pack. But he’s the first one to greet me when I get home. He loves to finish the last bites of my oatmeal in the morning, no matter how early I get up.
Truth be told he’s a totally bad dog who would break into a bear box to steal your last saltine. He loves patrolling his new yard, greeting the neighbors, hanging out in the garage while Micah works on the motorcycles and sitting on the porch. He loves going on errands in the truck. He loves to play chase games and he can still go on a 4 hour hike with the whole pack. Micah is his best friend, he would be lost without his True and he loves his little guys Zero & Royal. 
He’s an old carny, vaudevillian, a grifter, whiskey drinker, a railroad hobo, junkyard dog, punk rock 4 life and has read everything Bukowski ever wrote.

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