Lone Sea Hag

Roys an odd guy. He’s full of love for everyone but hes also a total loner.
He loves the water, just for the sake of the water. He loves the look, feel and taste of it. He loves the weightlessness. Hes a floater, a diver and a swimmer. He loves to gator it up. Half sunk into the water drifting along eyes just above the waterline.
he loves to rundown to the water from high cliff side trails. 
But he asks, he looks he steps forward and looks back and when I say ok he goes and goes. But he always comes back.
Hes an odd lone wolf…
An actual sighting of Big Foot?
…but hes also a good dang dog. If you ask him to liedown he does right then and there no matter when or where.

Reunited and it feels so windy

Ella & Roy met as little tiny(extra tiny for Ella she was like 3 pounds at the time) baby 3 month old puppies. Ella eventually moved away and they haven’t seen each other since they were about 1 year old. Her crew was in the city this week and we got to go on a reunion hike.
Ella’s still a total badass, they both  grew up cool.
 Roy met this random kid who also enjoyed climbing.


  It was windy enough to be an actual carnival ride.

Roy determined that this random dude drinking a micro brew on the rocks probably needed a full body hug. So he climbed in his lap and snuggled.

Ella fist bumps.

Roy & Kristin (of http://www.camelsandchocolate.com fame) shared many emotional moments. Kristin is a super cool travel writer and entrepreneur and she can hike in adorable outfits.

Roy bonded with SVV