3 years ago today a litter of beardie puppies was born. One of them was maybe going to be mine. This would be my first planned bred purchased dog. The litter was the result of a pairing of 2 incredibly well bred dogs. They had health certs, they were evaluated for structure, soundness, temperament and most importantly working ability. As were the dogs who they came from. and so on. 

The litter was whelped back east so I didn’t get to meet them and the choice of which one up to the breeders-Dawn Szecsy,Bela Szecsy & Kathy Pavlich
Secretly i liked the little plain boy named Zag. I wanted a dog who would work livestock so we could compete in herding and be a good agility candidate. I was hopeful there would be a puppy who was a good fit for me. 

I ended up with little plain Zag who I named Royal. They picked so perfectly its kind of scary. In our first 3 years together Roy and I have trained,competed and titled in herding and agility. We’ve taken lots of cool classes, gone on a bunch of adventures an we also trained in search & rescue. Roy loves swimming, hiking and going on road trips with me. He & I wrote a book called Roy & Hydrants which was nominated for a publishing award. 
He’s brilliant, odd, beautiful, fun and great with dogs and people. 
I not only got an amazing dog but I also got a whole new extended puppy family. I feel a huge connection to all of the puppies from this litter. His litter-mates all went to wonderful homes and all of the puppy families have become real friends. Roys breeders have been here for me every step of the way, mentoring, supporting, cheerleading (and gently begging me to brush my dog). His breeders love their dogs and they love the puppies. They care passionately about what happens to the dogs they produce. I bought an akc registered puppy who was bred on purpose. And its been a great experience. Thank you to Niki & Vinnie for making Roy!

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