Honestly so busy lately I havent had time to pull together a post.
But heres Zero & Marzipan at StuntDog Class tonight. 
Zero & Roys genius agility teacher Moe Strenfel gave us that giant ass suitcase for StuntDog Class.
We put it straight to work and got all of the advanced dogs working on their pack themselves up Stunt.
Also I got this incredible photo of Roy at the staffie trial last weekend. 
Erin from Sampson Designs took it.
Its was another one of those weekends where I think I should just quit agility and then I see a photo like this. Im suck at this sport and my dog hates running it with me. But he has moments of such total beauty and love for the sport. He’s so much more sensitive then he shows. I need to learn how to connect with him better. Its all he wants.To be my partner. He’s such a lovely honest dog.

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