To Disc or not to Disc.

Roy & Zero went to a workshop with the amazing trainers from the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate.
Golly but those people are awesome. For real.
Generous, friendly, and welcoming. These people are so nice and talented. No kidding this was one of the best training events I have ever gone to.
Roy wasn’t really into it. He’s not a big disc guy, unless he feels like it. Im cool with that, its his call what he wants to do and as much as I would love to do every dog sport on earth-I dont do the homework I have now with agility.
He was really into walking around with his pupils blown out 
and pretty much batshit crazy because Micah was there. 
But Zero had a blast and both Micah & I learned how to get him started with vaulting.
It was SO MUCH FUN.     
Then we got home and I took the old guys out to show off at the park.


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