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Quill says prison pushups build muscle fast, Roy was worried about the prison part.
Fierce Quill is off-the-chain!
Squats we hate doing them but we love the results!
Quillie’s no elitist, she was totally willing to hang out with a pair of novice agility baby dog’s like zero & Roy

So Freakin High In Trial

omg agility. why are you so hard. why am i so bad at you. i love/hate you agility. i really do.

went to an awesome trial put on by the nor cal bearded collie fanciers. It was a relaxed positive fun event with tons of great people and they had the best first place prizes ever. 

roy had some good runs and some not even close to good runs. he got a new title. and he won a giant high in trial ribbon & a really cool beardie gear bag. and they’re going to engrave his name on a trophy for ever and ever and that makes me kind of emotional. 

zero had 2 super zippy fast first place runs. 

and got 2 frisbee toys!

i love my crazy little dogs.