When not in drive (jacked up)Roy doesn’t always love walking or running across long expanses of metal or slippery surfaces. He will pick up and carry metal objects(like keys, dumbbells, dog bowls…), he will jump on top of metal objects(like fire hydrants) and stand on them but he doesnt always like to run across an expanse of metal. 
I exposed him to walking on lots and lots of weird stuff when he was a puppy. Starting at 8 weeks on.
But I also blew off working on it when he expressed a very specific concern about a surface(highly polished poured concrete) in the hallway to a training room we went to every week at that time. He was young and in a pivotal developmental phase (about 8 months) when he expressed concern about it. I should have paid more attention to what he was telling me. It seemed like I was always in a big hurry to get through that hallway so I kept putting it off to work on later and just sort of hustled him through. Maybe thats a piece of why that hallway concerned him because i put pressure on it when he wanted to stop and figure it out. I finally paid more attention and put a small effort into fixing it right before we stopped going there for good. He made progress and would walk it but carefully and he preferred to do it off leash.
For a raging maniac who runs a million miles an hour everywhere he goes, he’s very intuitive about making good choices with where his body ends up going.  I want him to make smart choices but I also don’t want him to worry about things unnecessarily. So now it is a goal for me to help him problem solve all surfaces quickly. Today we went to a little skatepark that has metal ramps. We have been there previously and he chose not to walk on most of the ramps. I dont force him to do anything but I do want to help him work through things. 
My goals for today were to look at our progress with long pieces of metal, problem solve forward momentum on this issue and see what Roy wanted to do.
We started with some tricks.
Wave with right paw

wave with left paw.
Honey BeaR

And then we did some frisbee chasing and bringing.

And frisbee  holding dropping to stare at birds
Climbed up on and walked on
ran across and stood on top of
went under 

& jumped over metal
he worked it out on his own, I made some suggestions for surfaces to work on but let him decide and he rocked it all. I wish I could meet goals like he does. 
He’s such an awesome freak.

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