If Im in a lovely grassy field that doesn’t actually allow dogs (its ok I asked the po po). And I have a jump and some props. And my dog is jumping over the jump and catching frisbees. And heeling and jumping on and over me. And you walk up with your dog who immediately starts compulsively sitting in front of me no matter how I turn my body because it has learned that begging pays. And you then sh
riek Hi Puppy You’re So Cute Is Your Name Roy in some obnoxious cookie voice kind of way while also throwing your arms out in the air. 

Well, my dog is going to launch off of your chest. Because the arms thrown out while saying his name is his cue to do that. And I was just paying him with frisbee tosses & pieces of steak for doing that very thing. I know you saw us doing that because you were staring at us for 10 minutes. 

Oh by the way your dog is still begging for treats from me. 

Also when I tell you to ignore my dog and stop approaching him and saying his name and he’ll stop launching off of you im saying that because it would really work out for you that way. Since you dont want him to jump on you. But you keep calling his name, talking to him and cueing him to do so. Then you start babbling at him to downdowndown stop jumping on people roy and throwing your arms out again. Im not going to ask him to stop because Im working really hard to get him to be good at jumping on me. 

And because having him say hi to strangers politely in this environment while we are training is not on my list. 

Maybe someday when I have a lot of free time and Roy is on leash and we arent doing anything important you can ask me if you can pet him and I might ask him to sit and ignore you while you do that. 

 Also your dog is still begging.

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