Hike On The End Of The World Day

 One of the coolest walks I have ever gone on with this dog. And thats saying a lot.
Hike On The End Of The World Day also known as friday

Roy got the zoomies up over the tops of the rocks, back up the path, up the next set of rocks & back.  
I have never seen him get the zoomies in his entire life. I mean he does run around constantly at about a million miles an hour in a state of complete intense staring crazy most of the time, but zoomies, nope. He is a serious dog. Ever since he was a puppy. Very serious. But lately something has changed.

Thanks world for what turned out to not be the end of the world day and instead just a great friday. 
Also known as Frisbday in Roys world.

Happiness Parade

Go ahead, be your own happiness parade.
Believe in you because its totally true that…
“No one alive is Youer then You” Dr. Seuss

Even if you are awesome and odd and wonderful.
 Never give up. Keep smiling.
And be prepared to make great new friends when you run into another happiness parade.

I dont know who this guy is but I love him for posing with Roy. Talking to people you dont know can create little miracles of good. Thanks happy guy you made our day.

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