The Fresh Prince of Crissy Field

I have never noticed this sign before. I’ve been going to Crissy since I moved here in the early 90’s. Roy wanted to perch on the very top of the sign with all 4 feet, which is cool. But there was a little box thing half way down the back and I thought it would be cool for him to stand with his back feet on that and his front on the top. I let him try out his way and rewarded him for it and then had him do this pose. Its a team effort after all. 
Went running with Roy today. He’s becoming a solidly easy dog to run with.
Heres a public request to other dog guardians. I know, I know, you’re dog is friendly and he just wants to say hi. But, when someone is running on the path with their dog on leash they don’t want to have to dodge your fast incoming off leash dog and then have to stop so their dog can make sure they aren’t about to get killed. If I keep running and drag Roy along with me he has to worry about the dog who is now chasing him. I don’t want him to have to worry about why your dog is chasing him. True runs off leash with me so he can easily get away from incoming dogs, but Roy is still really interested in being social so he is on leash because i dont want him running across the path harassing other dogs and people. See how that works? You can actually take control over what your dog is allowed to do.
I had 4 dogs go after us yesterday while their beaming owners smiled at how sweet it is that their dog is slamming into my legs and then pinning my dog against the fence. Im running and I can still see way before it happens that your dog is about to dash across the path and cut me off. Its a wide path. Your dog gives really early warning signs. Just call them back or get ahold of their collar. Please.

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