7 years ago today I signed the rescue paperwork and picked up True. He’s the best dog and my best friend. Im so grateful for every minute with him.
We went to Crissy. Its everyones favorite.
We hung out with our friends Liz & Shiloh, theyre also everyones favorites.
True can jump on stuff too, he’s better at it then Roy. I just never took as many photos of him doing it and now hes almost 13 so I try to limit his jumping and climbing. Last year in Circus Class he jumped onto a 4 inch square 3 foot high post, and landed it, perfectly. I wasnt actually asking him to do that but dang it was impressive. He used to like to jump onto the UP end of the agility teeter.
This is what my dogs do.
This is what Woody does.
This is what Roy does.

This is what True does. 

He stares at me

In the end its really just he & I.  The love of my life.

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