Easter With My Peeps

Roy & True spent part of Easter Sunday at the MILF Valley Dog Park with our PEEPS Shiloh the doodle & one of my best girl friends Liz. Dog parks usually make me Turn & Burn in the other direction. This one has some big positives but it still has that dog park thing where no matter where you go in the huge space almost everyone else in the park seems magnetized to you and suddenly you are surrounded by people screaming at their dogs to GO PLAY! while pointing their finger right at you. WTF is that anyway.
Liz is the only doodle owner I know who can actually groom her dogs coat. Shiloh’s flowing locks put my ratty beasts to shame. Liz was so incredibly super happy that Shiloh was the only one of our  dog group who chose to take a dip in the worlds smelliest body of water. 😉
It was a warm sunny lovely day. There was some picnic tabling

Then things got super dorky, see directly below for your first evidence of super dorkiness.
Shiloh is beautiful, but Shiloh=dork even without the Bunny Ears.

True is almost never dorky.

Almost never.

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