Roy & I went for a 3 mile run. We took some rest breaks. Roy doesn’t need the rest breaks. But I do, my heads just not back in the run game yet. It needs to be though, because my dog is fast. If we are ever going to run agility together I need to get my running back. 
Roy stood on things while I pretend my shoes need to be retied.
He climbed this map thing, its actually really slippery laminate. I love watching him figure out how to move around on things like this, no edges to catch on just appropriate use of pressure. Not too much not too little. Cool
He has a new fondness for walking from rock to rock.
Shoe tied yet?!

For getting on stuff like this I usually ask him. “Hey do you want to get on top of that?” If he does he’ll check it out by putting his feet on it first, Which is what he did here. Then I boosted him while he climbed. Then he got his front feet on the one post and I supported his middle while he got his back feet in place.

I ask that he not jump off if it’s too high or concrete below. He waits for my cue. When I don’t want him to jump off I have him drape over my shoulder. He has a whole system for these things.

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