Breakfast walk in milf valley

Early this morning Roy & I walked to downtown milf valley to meet with one of my favorite clients. Roy was still “processing” all of the ocean water from yesterdays beach trip. His pants are filthy, way to make an impression on a client.
The last few months of photos are all taken with my beloved but beaten up iphone so they arent always in-focus. I promise to get a camera some day, soon.
We had a quick walk home, passed 2 reactive dogs whose owners were actively working with their dogs to keep them under control and out of our way. That was nice.
Roy likes to chase the other dogs while they fetch toys. He does big crazy outruns as fast as he can. He has little to no toy drive, I have this dream that he will develop drive for toys so I have him bring me the toy, and tug. The reward for him is that i then toss the toy for the other dog, in this case Zero. So then he can chase the moving dog. Then Zero brings the toy, drops it and Roy picks it up to bring to me, repeat.
Im sick this week, seriously sick. But I wanted to do something today so I finished the tennis ball painting and started a painting of Francis’s dog training yard fence. It looks great here in the start, then I ruined it.
Went out for a grocery run and found some stuff to explore.
Volunteer Park objects.
A nice couple walked over to talk to me about Roy. They had a cool pwd. But he wanted to kick Roys ass so I was going to ask Roy to liedown while we talked. He already had, he knows the score.
Rock Climbing! Awesome to watch Roy scramble up this hill. Very thoughtful and deliberate. 
Cool boy.

True Happy Training

More Happy the tiny lab training. 
My assistant today was True. 
True shares Happys intense love of fetch and ball searching so he adds a different pressure dynamic then Roy. True & Happy are both totally ok with someone else getting the ball they just want the game to be in play. 
For everyones safety fetch should only be played with one dog and ideally on sand or smooth ground, so with multiple dogs I release them to get the ball in waves and only when everyone is aware of each others path of movement. True had a very serious fetch accident a few years ago so I release him last or fake the other dogs out in a different direction.
I used most of our fetch session to work on Happys recall. Its  hard for her to come in when she wants to go out for the ball. So all fetch and searching was contingent on Happy coming to front and then heel position. The presence of other dogs who also want to go get the ball is a difficult parameter so I started with rewarding her with ball tosses for any movement towards me after the cue. I gradually upped my criteria by requiring closer proximity until she was ending in a front postiion and then did a few final trials with calling her  to front from a distance and then flipping her into heel from front.
Coming to me past another dog who is focused on getting the ball is very difficult for Happy. So I start by rewarding her for even a few steps towards me then I immediately mark it and toss the ball. I gradually add more steps towards me. Other parameters of difficulty changes are dog who wants the ball who is sitting-hard, standing harder, in motion hardhardhard. The multiple dogs stationary, multiple moving dogs=highest level of difficulty.
My assistant hands off the reinforcer.
Here Happy appears to be about to burst into tears at the request that she come past sadie towards me. BUT THEN SADIE WILL GET TO CHASE THE BALL AND I WONT GET TO!
ok i can do this. So cool this little dog.
 Adding more dogs ups the criteria.

After a super prolonged fetch session we worked on some long stays. 
Tired dogs learn faster!

Girl Trouble

Crazy Roy has 99 problems but a bitch aint one. Cause he wuvs his little bitch Happy the lab!
Look how cute the teeny gal is, dont you just want to eat her up!

Roy does!

  Happy probably longs a little for the old days, not so very long ago when Roy was just a delicate little  3 month old puppy that she could smash with one paw.


She really loves Roy though, she plays with him ALL DAY NON STOP. I have the videos, its insane.

Well almost all day, except for when its time to play with balls. She’ll do anything to get you to throw a ball, come, heel, sit whatever you want lady! 
Happy LIKES THE BALL!!! Any ball, don’t matter, she can find one if you don’t have one, its cool. She can find one anywhere. No ball then how about a stick, rope, stuffie, shoe don’t matter!
Happy came preinstalled with drive through the roof, toy drive, food drive, search drive. She will not quit, but she’s not insane. She’s also got amazing handler focus, I tried to introduce her to a trainer friend because we were having a big geeky trainer freakout about what a perfect little performance dog she would be and Happy only had eyes for me. Memememe I’m more important, LOL.  In short(she’s also very short)  Happy is a sport dog persons dream dog. 
For a pet dog home she is a lot of dog in a small fast smart package. This can equal enormous frustration for a lot of people. The key to training Happy to live succesfully in a pet dog home is to not fight the gifts she has but to learn how to use them. Most pet dog people like their dog to fetch but only when they feel like it, they really want their dog to Sit a lot and to not pull in the leash. Happy’s owners have done a great job with her. They understand their dog and have set her and themselves up for total success. Shes been well socialized, flawlessly crate trained, not destructive and freakishly quiet.
 Happy likes to search, retrieve, tug and move. So teaching Sit isn’t about long sits its about a lot of sits, with movement as the reward building towards longer sits. Asking Happy to Come should predict fast movement or searching as the reward.  Rewarding her by letting her charge away to search for a toy makes her want to come back to you more often and faster.
Happy likes to wrestle with her persons and shove her head into you. So I use this as her reward for not pulling on leash, dont pull on the leash and then you can bash your head into my hands(shes a freak). The reward for walking in heel position=play with me! So more being close to me, people like for their dogs to walk close to them! Everyone wins here.

Roy likes how much Happy likes the ball too. It allows him to put on his creepy cape for some serious stalking and circling. So while I work with Happy on come, sit, down & stay during our fetch and search games I can also work with Roy. He wants to circle and chase and stare at Happy. So thats what I use to reward him with. Come closer, liedown, come closer liedown and  I throw the ball so Happy runs, look at me and then you can look at her…

This literally goes on for HOURS. It dont stop until Happy stops and then its doesnt even stop because, it got started so therefore it is, so they just keep staggering and tweaking until someone has to drop for a nap.

Happys thought bubble would say “throwtheballthrowtheballthrowtheball” here.
Roy’s would say “makethedogmovemakethedogmovemakethedogmove”.
Throw the ball?!