Roy’s grandma Dawn took this photo of him when he was 5 weeks old. It’s my favorite picture of him ever. I knew the minute I saw it that he was the puppy I wanted.
The litter was back in the mid-west at Dawns house so I let his breeders decide which puppy was the one for me. But I coveted the weird little alien puppy in that picture. Roy is my first dog from a planned breeding. The entire experience has been incredibly positive and rewarding. I got a great dog and I made great friends. I love Roys breeders Dawn, Bela & Kathy. They are a shining example of great dog breeders, helping me learn about the history of this incredibly cool breed. Dawn & Bela’s dog Vinnie is Roy’s pop.
I never got to meet Dawn in person but I was lucky to be able to forge a friendship through phone calls, emails and the world of facebook. Dawn was funny, sassy and always positive. She also had that midwestern accent that sounds like home to me (I’m from Michigan). She referred to herself as Roys grandma in a completely authentic way and always told him “grandma loves you Roy”, always. She was his cheerleader and fanclub president, which are of course the hallmarks of all great grandma’s. When my house burned down she was right on the phone and emailing, asking what did I need what could she do and telling me not to worry that everything would be ok. She loved Roy’s silly pictures and kept asking me for a book of them or a calendar. I always loved seeing a post or comment from her on facebook. She was Roys grandma after all and it was really important to me to make her proud of how her granddog was doing. Roy is totally the dog in that photo Dawn took.
Dawn Szecsy passed away on valentines day. I don’t know if I thanked her for my great dog or for being a friend or for being so nice. Im so sorry I never got to meet her. I’m so sad for her family.
 RIP Dawn.