True lost his mind today. He hasn’t chased a bird since the weekend I got him in may of 2005. I took him to the beach a few days after I brought him home. He’s a shelter rescue with an unnown history so its impossible to know but it looked like he had never been to the ocean or else it had been a long time since he had been to the ocean. He rushed straight into the water and then he took off after a bird and disappeared for about 10 minutes. Why you ask would you let a newly adopted dog off leash. I dunno, I just did. He came back eventually. The bird chasing behavior never repeated again. I didn’t work on it, he just found other interests like swimming & fetch.
Today he did it again. At the end of our very active 2 hour walk. Maybe its his way of celebrating moving onto a new life or maybe its how he de-stresses after leaving behind a home. He did several chases like this before I caught it on video. This one he actually just kept going for a long time, out of sight, before he came back. I didn’t call him, I trust him to come back.  He’s a sensitive guy and he’s been really tense and clingy the last 2 weeks since our house burned down. I just let him do his thing.

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