Adventures in couch surfing week 2
For our week 2 of couch surfing we totally scored again. Not only do we have the worlds nicest family to stay with but they have their own dog toy maker. She made Roy a stuffed bone toy with his name on it! Plus it has a heart & a flower on it and its blue!! 
Roy really needed a toy & this is the best toy ever.

There’s also Lucy & Bella who are two of our best dog friends. 
They are lovely generous hostess’s.
Here they are suffering through my christmas celebrations last year:
Lucy & Bella have a yard which Roy enjoys being his odd little self in all alone very much. They also have one of the sweetest families ever who are our current hosts on our couch surfing adventure. They have generously welcomed the whole pack to bunk up in their big private giant family room which houses the sectional couch of my dreams. 
It’s been 2 weeks now since the house burned. The dogs are calmer but the 2 older guys are still really clingy and worried.
The Through A Dog’s Ear cd’s that Lisa gave me are helping both me & the dogs! I play them at meal times and when we go to bed  to create a positive association.  Good safe stuff happens while the cds are playing. Once I’ve padded the playing of the cd’s  up with a big cer to the sound I will start using them for short absences. They are lovely to listen to and I think they may become a staple even after we have all settled down into our new house someday.
Roy is OVERJOYED to be here. So many people and dogs to play with and hug. He has explored every square inch of the house. 
People are good and I am so thankful and amazed by all of the support & love we have received from so many really cool & lovely people.
Thank you so much Sue, Julie, A(the toy maker), Lucy(pink nose) & AlienDog Bella.

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