My Precioussssss

Everything is going to be better then ok. 
I have a camera again & its a super bada** camera. 
Thank you so much Natasha! ♥

It’s a PROPER camera. I’m a little afraid of it. It’s too good for me.

I may have turned a little Gollum-ish. 
I think I scared Natasha. 
I wrapped the proper camera up in a towel and hid it in the car.
I think I was hiding it from her and she gave it to me. 
She drove all the way up to the city from the south bay to deliver it to me.
Im still creepy after all these years. Some things never change

Natasha is a dog trainer friend. We take classes together and I see her at agility trials. We “met” years ago on a pet forum online. She’s cool, smart, her dogs are perfect, she has a great blog:

Natasha & Polly

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