Dog Gear by A

Adventures in couch surfing week 2
For our week 2 of couch surfing we totally scored again. Not only do we have the worlds nicest family to stay with but they have their own dog toy maker. She made Roy a stuffed bone toy with his name on it! Plus it has a heart & a flower on it and its blue!! 
Roy really needed a toy & this is the best toy ever.

There’s also Lucy & Bella who are two of our best dog friends. 
They are lovely generous hostess’s.
Here they are suffering through my christmas celebrations last year:
Lucy & Bella have a yard which Roy enjoys being his odd little self in all alone very much. They also have one of the sweetest families ever who are our current hosts on our couch surfing adventure. They have generously welcomed the whole pack to bunk up in their big private giant family room which houses the sectional couch of my dreams. 
It’s been 2 weeks now since the house burned. The dogs are calmer but the 2 older guys are still really clingy and worried.
The Through A Dog’s Ear cd’s that Lisa gave me are helping both me & the dogs! I play them at meal times and when we go to bed  to create a positive association.  Good safe stuff happens while the cds are playing. Once I’ve padded the playing of the cd’s  up with a big cer to the sound I will start using them for short absences. They are lovely to listen to and I think they may become a staple even after we have all settled down into our new house someday.
Roy is OVERJOYED to be here. So many people and dogs to play with and hug. He has explored every square inch of the house. 
People are good and I am so thankful and amazed by all of the support & love we have received from so many really cool & lovely people.
Thank you so much Sue, Julie, A(the toy maker), Lucy(pink nose) & AlienDog Bella.

True Bird

True lost his mind today. He hasn’t chased a bird since the weekend I got him in may of 2005. I took him to the beach a few days after I brought him home. He’s a shelter rescue with an unnown history so its impossible to know but it looked like he had never been to the ocean or else it had been a long time since he had been to the ocean. He rushed straight into the water and then he took off after a bird and disappeared for about 10 minutes. Why you ask would you let a newly adopted dog off leash. I dunno, I just did. He came back eventually. The bird chasing behavior never repeated again. I didn’t work on it, he just found other interests like swimming & fetch.
Today he did it again. At the end of our very active 2 hour walk. Maybe its his way of celebrating moving onto a new life or maybe its how he de-stresses after leaving behind a home. He did several chases like this before I caught it on video. This one he actually just kept going for a long time, out of sight, before he came back. I didn’t call him, I trust him to come back.  He’s a sensitive guy and he’s been really tense and clingy the last 2 weeks since our house burned down. I just let him do his thing.

My Precioussssss

Everything is going to be better then ok. 
I have a camera again & its a super bada** camera. 
Thank you so much Natasha! ♥

It’s a PROPER camera. I’m a little afraid of it. It’s too good for me.

I may have turned a little Gollum-ish. 
I think I scared Natasha. 
I wrapped the proper camera up in a towel and hid it in the car.
I think I was hiding it from her and she gave it to me. 
She drove all the way up to the city from the south bay to deliver it to me.
Im still creepy after all these years. Some things never change

Natasha is a dog trainer friend. We take classes together and I see her at agility trials. We “met” years ago on a pet forum online. She’s cool, smart, her dogs are perfect, she has a great blog:

Natasha & Polly

Incase of Emergency hide your feet.

Roy’s on top of safety watch.  
We were really lucky, we all lived. We had help right away. We had somewhere to go with someone who cares about us enough to let 3 big smelly dogs and a crazy person into their home. So many people have stepped in to make this easy for us. 
I need to write a thank you for all of you and Micah most of all who just took care of everything for me. Thank you Micah. 
We learned we have a lot of friends and a community that reaches all over the world. People are good. I can’t thank you all enough for the donations, the help, the love, the laughs and your friendship. 
I won’t lie I was a pretty big baby about the whole losing my home thing. I’m also pretty mad at the selfish dumbos whose negligence caused the fire. I loved my house. 
But I hate being rigid and stuck about stuff so Im going to rock change instead. 
True was totally a rock the day of the fire but since then he has been a little upset and clingy. He had a panic attack at the park and curled up in a ball. Roosevelt has been incredibly stressed out, pacing & panting for hours. Roy surprised me. He’s been solid. Quiet, calm staying out of the way waiting for fun to fit into the schedule. I took them all back to the house and True & Roosevelt got onto one of their old now destroyed beds and wouldn’t get off, Roy went to the front door and walked out. He said lets move on, what’s next.

He’s also gone feral.

Some items survived the fire, the fire-axes, the water damage & the burglars but I think perhaps not the smoke. We pulled anything that seemed salvageable out & rented a storage space. I think the tables will be ok but this crate has been washed 10x, used natures miracle, febreeze, activated charcoal and it still smells AWFUL. Really the smoke smell is so disgusting I almost threw up just having it in the car 10 days after the fire. Change is good, so is different, smoke damage is gross.

Roy has become even cooler. It also seems like he hates my feet less then before the fire.

True does not want to be away from me at all right now.

Water breaks

 First post fire hydrant action