The Fire Diaries: Adventures in couch surfing~week one

Clancy & his dumbbell stylings

Our first generous host home was in the heart of hipster-land. It was the dogs first time living in an actual apartment building with dogs, people coming and going all the time. The PFE store gave Roosevelt an orthopedic bed and after that he totally calmed down got some sleeps and enjoyed himself. The bed gave him a safe central location to meditate. 
Aunt Liz gave us 2 bolster beds that belonged to her polish lowland sheepdog  girls Zoe & Sona. True loved Zoe and he got right into the beds, while they were still in the front seat of the car. LOL
My friend Deirdre gave me a big bag of new with tags clothes one of her co-workers donated. Donated Victorias Secret PJ’s are the best!!! Deirdres handsome lab Clancy goes to true & Roys ring prep classes:

Our great pal and CGC helper Dolores loaned me a giant roller suitcase. Incredibly helpful for couch surfers. Thank you ladies!
Then Jeffery’s Natural Pet Foods the home of K-9 Magic and a whole bunch of other magics gave us a gift certificate!!!  Thank you Anna.

Outside was a parade of loud streetcars, hoards of suffering hipsters so exhausted by life they can barely lift their feet up to take one more step & tons of dogs on flexi-leads. Its also super fun, social and a cool place to live with amazing food ♨ everywhere, great stores and something going on all the time. I lived in the mission for 8 years. Roy has actually spent a lot of time in the mission socializing as a puppy and while working on The Hydrant Project. 

The boys liked it! 【ツ】

Most of all they loved living with their all time favorite person ever and their brother Zero who were the best hosts ever. 

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