Its was actually the floor the floor that was on fireinsertincrediblysadfacehereplease 
Dang, my house got burned up last friday.
The good news: I was home so all of my dogs lived. 
What happened: Dunno…except that my landlords husband told me later that he was working in his workshop  (which was in the crawlspace underneath my bedroom). He went into their apartment for 30 mins and a fire started in his workshop. I noticed smoke pouring out from under my bathtub, went out into the living room and it was snaking all over the floor. Smoke streaming out of the electrical sockets and the edges of the room. Black snakes of smoke.  So I grabbed the dogs and my cell phone and ran outside. I looked into the backyard and the basement door was open with huge clouds of smoke pouring out. I yelled fire a couple of times, dialed 911. Talked  to the 911 people. Saw the landlords husband come running from their place and go into the basement.  Called my wonderful, life saving boyfriend aka/Mr. Gearhead ( I don’t actually call him by any nick names, Im not super nick namey &  Mr. Perfect seems too obvious) who came right over, immediately. That was it for awhile. Then I sat down the hill with my dogs and watched the firefighters. Friends stopped by to help, to bring water, food, hugs. Thank You! 
The bad news: We’re homeless.
The rebel is no more
My place is uninhabitable, my belongings trashed by fire, smoke & water.
The firemen found my laptop and put it outside when they first walked in!  We got some stuff out after they were done. Some more was stolen the next evening because the landlords insurance company didn’t properly board up my house. Their house=totally secure. My house=wide open windows. Thanks guys, you are total morons really something.
Mr. Gearhead took care of everything, helped me form thoughts, carried stuff, carted us all over to his place. friends immediately started a fund for us and friends, clients and people I have never even met donated  to help us out. Its been pretty moving to  have so many people reach out with love & support. Thank You   

Me: I appear to have lost my personality in the fire. I’m hoping its just blurry edges and not an inherent weakness of character. Me also=mad
Roosevelt: is an old guy and he’s pretty stressed, lots of pacing around. Cookies, a dog bed of his very own and carpet may help.
True: Was a total saint the day of the fire and offered therapy dog services to everyone including the firemen. He is a little convinced the sky has fallen but he is also having a great time getting to smash his cattle dog Zero into the grass at the park every night. 

 Roy: has gone feral. He no longer speaks English and has changed his name to NIDHOGG

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