We’re rocking some major yellow agility tunnels in the living room. True chose the 3 woofs & a woo official Dexter tunnel. Roy chose the filthy bug infested tunnel. 
We’re going camping! With agility tunnels .
Specifically we’re going to teach at Camp Unleashed! We’re teaching Treiball & my Household Chores Class. We’re carrying the tunnels for our pal Nancy who is teaching agility at the camp. Nancy is a fancy agility trainer at ACE Dog Sports. We love Nancy.

Roys teeny lab girl friend Happy was staying with us for a week. Her family came and picked her up so Roy & I headed out for Circus Class. 
Todays itinerary included filthy creepy wizard puppets dancing with dogs.

That was cool. 
After class Roy & I headed to The Sports Basement to do some training and shopping. Roy found a rockin rocking horse and he climbed on it. He also bounced his big furry self all over those couches and then rolled around on them.

Then he crawled underneath a row of jogging strollers for me. 
They move and are low to the ground.

 On our way home we saw one of these fire hose spigots(I think thats what they are) sticking out of a wall.  Red on white. These things have a teeny amount of space to stand on, Roys a champ.

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