Someone gained 5 pounds! No,not me… Ok I’ve gained 12, yes 12 lbs since last november, thanks so much for asking. True gained the 5 lbs, he’s a fattie! So fat fat fat fat.
Well not really fat compared to an actual fat dog. He’s always been incredibly lean and fit, but at 11 1/2 years old he is officially retired from agility and herding so his activity levels have decreased a little. He also LOVES food. Here’s a hilarious historical fact~The rescue group I adopted him from told me he wasn’t very into food, HA HA HA HA HA. Wrong.
So I weighed him the other day and was shocked to find him at 58.8 lbs. He’s been on a diet ever since.
New Bag Of Food Day☆ is Trues favorite day of the month and it seems especially special this month. He camped out in the dark in the kitchen waiting for the bag to get poured into the vittle vault.

Because the rule is that while the kibble is getting poured into the bin, he gets to eat as much of it as he can.

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