Roy’s scared of clowns.
Well not really, he has big love for people,kids, clowns & super hero’s.
But ever since the bad thing that happened, dogs scare him down to the ground. He’s been worried about dogs in training situations since he was about 10 months old but this fear has gotten pretty big now. So he’s scared of the dogs in his classes including circus class dogs.

In spite of his fear he hasn’t given up his belief that all dogs are good at heart.

We went back to circus class to work on helping him work with dogs around. He crawled into the training yard on his belly. Which was terribly creepy looking and disturbing to anyone with a brain. But he had a pretty good time, was able to work a little and only engaged in a small amount of sight seeing for information collection. He did maul the trainer & the videographer while performing his safe location data collection technique, plus he loves them.

Watching the video I can see that I needed to have my hand further up while working on the wheel of death. I wish i had a wheel of death here at home to do some training.

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