Roy went with me to work with a friends dog tonight. Well he actually went with me to take some hydrant photos on the way there and then he hung out in the car. He’s really good at waiting in his crate for me. He prefers to be working or to be waiting to work most of the time.
A dog named Jack came by while we were checking out this hydrant. Roy wanted to say Hi to jack but  he was working so he just turned around to wave and watch Jack walk past.

I’m trying to learn how to take pictures. Its hard, at least for me it is. I  use the auto features most of the time. It really shows when I run into weird lighting and have no clue what to do.
While we were taking the night shots our friend Buddy’s mom drove by, Hi Anne!!! Hydranting is even better when you get to see friends, even if they are laughing at you.

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