Roy avoided eye contact with one of his oldest friends tonight. He has played with her since he was 8 weeks old. She’s pushy, sassy,loud as hell and he totally understands and loves her.
He lives to square flank her while she runs after a ball. He rushes up to see her when she first arrives. Not tonight, he turned and moved away carefully if her head turned towards him. He avoided eye contact. He briefly circled her when she ran but stopped immediately when she tried to interact him.

People talk about accountability in regard to potential medical costs after a dog attacks another dog but no one ever talks about being accountable for helping rehab a dog to feel safe around other dogs again. Roy doesn’t even feel safe to play with a dog that he has played with at least twice a week for his entire life. 

He was attacked by a neighbors dog. No warning, unprovoked. We were lucky it was a single bite. I made a total rookie move and allowed an on-leash dog to walk up and say hi to my dog. The lesson is: Dont ever trust anyone eles’s dog and dont let dogs say hi to your dog on-leash. I know this lesson, I knew this lesson and I still let this happen. Its not worth it!
Will Roy be ok? I hope so, I think so. He’s such a cool, clever, sweet dog.  I on the other hand may need therapy.

” The nasal passages are filled with very fine scrolls of bone called turbinates. The turbinates are covered in pink tissue (mucosa) similar to the lining of the mouth. Air is warmed and filtered as it passes through the turbinates in the nose on the way to the lungs.” 

So its most likely based on the symptoms and the placement of the puncture marks from the bite, that Roy has one or more broken or cracked turbinate. The damage was not caused by one of the many punctures but rather because it was a hard bite, the dog really clamped down. But because there’s nothing they can do we aren’t going to x-ray or cat scan unless the noise doesn’t clear up in a few months. I would prefer not putting him under unnecessarily and we think its getting better. If it doesnt heal right then he may need meds to elevate swelling. His sense of smell is probably affected but will probably come back to normal. 

Dog noses are incredibly cool inside & out. Roys is incredibly huge.

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