I try to study with as many different trainers as I can because I want to become a better dog trainer. I want to keep learning and I just don’t see a point where learning about dog training is going to be completed, not for me at least. I still have a lot of questions!
I really love my work as a dog trainer and I love competing in performance sports with my dogs.
Im not dedicated enough to stick with one sport, I like them all way too much so I compete in herding, agility, rally obedience and now Im thinking about maybe nose-work(and some other stuff). Im not ever going to be the fancy super star invitational team but I love to compete and most of all I love that moment when my dog looks at me and says “This fucking rocks lady, I love doing this”. 

I love that moment when you step out of the class room and into the arena to compete, its fun, its stressfull, its exciting, its hard work and I applaud and celebrate for anyone else who does it too.
I think we are incredibly blessed up here in northern california to have more then a few truly great trainers. I’ve learned something from every trainer I’ve ever met. We don’t have to share the same philosophies, style or goal-I don’t need to stay in a safe little world of one thought to learn and Ive never had a trainer try to force me do something i dont want to do to my dog. But, as Richard Christy would say-I have my favorites. 

Natasha, Denise & Raika

If I won the lotto I would quit my job and probably spend most of my time training with Denise Fenzi. http://denisefenzi.com/
Denise just embodies everything I could ever wish to become as a dog trainer, as a team member with my own dogs and as a friend to dogs in general. She’s uber talented, a great coach, a superstar competitor, she’s also utterly hilarious and not creepy(dog people can be a pretty creepy).

She is smart, fair, blunt, ethical and has great sportsmanship. She’s always upping her game, pushing boundaries, learning and she always has something newer, smarter and more fun for you to try all customized just for you and your dog. She has an incredible eye for helping every team she trains with to grow and shine. She always makes it about the joy of the teamwork between you and your dog and the fun for you both, but most importantly the fun for the dog.

I want to say thank you to Denise and to all of the great dog trainers who have shared their time, expertise and love of dogs with me.


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