Thanksgiving Sunday

Its thanksgiving weekend, I would love to go shopping(I am a girl) but I have an obligation to exercise the dogs. This was also one of my personal-worst thanksgiving/birthdays/years ever so I probably needed to go to the beach. I grew up on water, sailing/swimming/snorkeling, water is my oldest friend.

Sunday at Crissy and we were waiting for Roy’s bestfriendforever Charlie to arrive, 

finding stuff to keep dogs busy.

True stood on this pile of rocks,
Roy stood on them.
and Roosevelt p’d on them.

Roy spent some time obsessing about  what True might be doing or thinking.
True spent the entire time obsessing on me, his ball and swimming.

Then came Charlie

Charlie & Roy were in puppy class together.

They were best friends from the second they met.

They like to do all the same things.

Charlie’s awesome and if I say Royal-Come, Charlie always comes to me, Im pretty sure I need a cattle dog.
Royal could now split his time between obsessing about Charlie
and  teaching Charlie how to obsess about True, Roosevelt spent his time obsessing about the bag of cookies Charlies dad brought with him.
staring at True
There’s True, hey True, True True True….

True is a month shy of 11, he swam for 2+ hours in the chilly bay, then came home
and now he is running circles through the house with a tennis ball in his mouth.


Charlie was my first dog.
He was 5 years old when I was born, he died when I was 17. He was 22 years old when he died. I still miss him. He was a saint and my best friend. He was a border collie cross of some kind. He bit a porcupine almost every year(i got really good at pulling quills out of his mouth with pliers). He & I got skunked several times a summer, we went fishing, boating, swimming, hiking together. Rich summer tourists would pay me to dive for items that fell off their boats in the marina. Charlie would wait patiently on the dock for me, standing guard. He pulled me on my sled every winter. Forgave me all my tantrums and rudeness. Walked me to school and walked me back home again. He slept on my bed, kissed my face and loved me no matter what.

Years past his passing he still visits my dreams. He is a kind and good soul and I always listen to what he tells me.