October Ring Prep class with the super fancy dogs

This is Cisu, Cisu is a Belgian Tervurun.She is titled at upper levels for Shutzhund and Competition Obedience. Cisu is so fast most of my pictures of her are out of focus.

Little dog & big dog waiting their turn.

Stacey & Roo, this team sums up why we all train with Denise. Look at how good Stacey & Roo look working together.

Denise & Raika, dont you want your teamwork to look like that, I sure do(admittedly I am a bit of a performance dog training geek). Raika is insanely fancy, jolly and cool. She has major titles in AKC Obedience(she’ll be showing this December at the invitationals) and Shutzhund.

Training with Denise makes Raika pretty happy. 
Denise is pretty fun to be around and a completely brilliant trainer. 
She’s also completely  hilarious.

Look at how much her dogs love her.
Poor Roy first hair clip ever and in front of the fancy dogs and everything.

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