Royal has been trying on some Trueism’s.
I’m not against this in anyway, because True is my best boy ever and frankly if Royal wants to be just like him I’ll be thrilled. But I think he’ll probably be his own really great guy. None of our 4(yes 4)dogs are anything alike but they are all perfect for us. They all brought their own special stuff and they share theirs patterns and quirks with each other and then make them their own. Ed taught Roosevelt stuff that Roosevelt aka Woody then passed on to True, then Sookie and now Royal who will continue the family history through his own filter.
A short list of Trueism’s
Sleep in the tightest possible spaces
Share your thoughts

Running is good

Always Stare Relentlessly at the lady 

Whoops, that’s akward
Back to staring
Well done, young Royal 

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