Hell cat ready to unleash fury!

Responsible party? ——->





It couldn’t possibly be little Royal. He was just laying there squeaking away all jolly & innocent with some delightful out of season toy from a holiday he hasn’t even had the privilege of experiencing yet because he’s just a tiny sweet baby dog. Its not like he bit her foot or anything like that, ok maybe a little bite but it was a LOVE bite.

Sookie doesn’t really want to hurt him. She actually loves Roy.  She likes to lie down near him and walk with him. She helps him clean up after the food toys. She lets him win at tug even though she could throw him across the room. She may be crippled but she can out-tug anyone.

She’s just kind of serious about everything. But we get it, wouldn’t you be pretty serious if the people you loved dumped you  in a big park to die when you were sick and so crippled you could barely walk. So she takes most things pretty seriously and likes to make sure everyone is following the rules carefully.  But she also has a great sense of humor.
She’s also all heart, loyal and the bravest girl dog I have ever met. She’s a magnificent dog and every day we have with her is a gift, for real.
She came to stay with us almost 2 years ago, for a month, just a foster for a month. When she was still fighting the good fight a month later we kept her thinking she might live another month.  She’s not a foster anymore and I cant wait until the end of September when we can officially celebrate our FIRST 2 years together. There is going to be cake.

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