Roy’s a good puppy

He’s so normal we should have named him normal.

No not like average, like not abnormal, that’s a really great thing. Yes like, happy, stable, smart & sweet!

Seriously though, he’s nice. He has manners and great playskills. He doesn’t go 5150 on anyone. He’s not a bully or a fearbot. He’s just a really great baby dog and sometimes he’s all alone out there. Having a puppy is a lot of work, way more then adopting an adult rescue even if said dog has a lot of terrible baggage to address(hello True, hello Sookie, Roo you showed up perfect, well except for the raging overwhelming hideous separation anxiety). So in order to try to do our best by Roy we are out there giving him as broad of a world view as we can. We are taking a puppy class, going to socials, working with a private trainer for obedience and going to confirmation classes. We also make sure Roy goes to the beach, playgrounds, stores, the fire station, to meet the mailman, policemen, cats, the garbageman & his big loud truck …..
Im learning some big lessons a) I cant possibly be good enough for this puppy b)Never recommend people/services/business’s until you have tried them out for yourself. No matter how good the word on the street is, get need first hand experience.
Ive been a little dismayed by what I am running into in my travels with Roy. The puppy thing is a big deal. Ive done plenty of work repairing ruined dogs who had a bad start for whatever reason, or perfectly ok dogs who had a well meaning guardian mess them up by watching bad tv shows to train their dogs. So the puppy thing is crucial. There are some really unskilled people out there operating puppy training businesses.

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