Royal would "Never do that"

Little Royal would never climb on top of the crate for a nap and then maybe boost his little wiggly can over the top of the x-pen for a stroll around the ole barbershop.
But Violet might will for certain.
V Faker napping.

She is insanely beautiful, just also scary smart.
I would never do that, Mrs.
Royal knows how but would never do that. He knows better about things.
Dont mess with this one:
2 ponytails or not mind your manners.
 You cant even try to mess with this one, he can levitate onto the back of the couch if he even hears the word puppy whispered.
& this one, well you can run but you cant hide little Royal and she’s always watching.
 She’s watching you Royal

Capping The Keep

Violet was mightily PO’d last night when The Driver got all clever and capped The Keep so she couldn’t do her circus acrobat routine and scale the walls. V is incredibly sweet, smart and all go, she crashes straight of a dead sleep shouting “HI, I’M AWAKE!!!”.
HA! These may be super smarty puppies destined to conquer the world but this time the driver wins!

  See the clever homemade Keep cover? Note the look of disgust from Miss Not So Shrinking Violet while gentle Royal slumbers. 
(if you click on the pictures you get a bigger image)

Today we worked on sit, down, left, right, stand, name recognition and obsessive staring at The Driver. First we had to conquer food frenzy, Royal enjoys his chow and eating a piece at a time was not in his brain bank yet.
I love a starer and I will pay you mightly for it. If you are a dog that is  people staring is not something I pay for.

Royal & Violet are practically twins. Can you tell who is who yet? Hint, they look almost identical but this post should have given you a big hint to help figure it out.

 True doesn’t see any puppies therefore they cannot exist.
Roosevelt feels that leaving home might be his only option.

Mr. P had this same look today when I got home. He mentioned that there had been a lot of “activity”.


Little Royal arrived today amid much chaos. Who would of guessed, that the truck would have a dead battery, that none of my neighbors would be home, that it is street cleaning day, that traffic would be bad, that the airline people had no record of said air-bill number…
So I was ready to be judged for all of this and more by The Thinker Puppy.
Except Royal aka The worlds sweetest puppy could totally care less, its all good, he had a great flight, loved meeting The Driver, thinks the truck rules and is fully ready to party in Cali. His sister Violet , also known as little Miss X-pen Scaler feels the same.

The Keep

The Keep

Late last night I constructed The Keep.

Designed to match the detailed specifications from the “Before you get your puppy” book confinement area instructions.
Now that’s its completed, should I get the faux grass potty area is the least of my concerns.
It seems so unsubstantial considering its intended use. In my current fear induced state, it appears barely strong enough to contain a Gerber daisy in a vase.

Im not ready for Royal is the party line around the old barbershop these days(at least in my head). The woman who knows him best, Dawn, stated with an airy laugh, “Oh that one is quite The Thinker, but Kathy says you can handle any dog”. First one to bust out of the whelping box, first one to shoplift snacks, Mr. Problem Solver. I’ve seen pictures and I can say that to a photo he does look like a thinker but he also appears stern and more then a little judgmental.  No, no I cant handle any dog, why would anyone say that! I cant handle much of anything, I’m a big wimpy baby who likes it simple &  now you’ve scared me Mrs Lady. Ok I admit that I asked for a thinker, I said I need a thinker. I wasn’t thinking.
These 3 are scared too, or at least they will be when they find out why I built The Keep.

This is how they looked the last time a puppy was in the house. They all ran and hid in the office clustered together like tenting sheep, and that was just over a couple of goofy silly puppy’s coming by for a visit. Not “Thinker” puppies who look stern and judgmental at 2 weeks + 2 days, and 4 weeks, and 5 weeks…
You think I’m joking? Well I’m not,
this is going to be my puppy

Have you ever felt more judged? He even looked like this in the day 2 photos before his eyes were open. He’s gonna knock The Keep down just with his thoughts.

Royal will be here tomorrow morning. I have an initial strategy. I’m going to just play it off like I’m just the driver. Let him get settled in without my presence having any real importance. LA DI DA, who cares about the silly driver. Actually, sheepdogs like drivers, because the driver can take them in the truck. The driver is great! Who doesn’t love a driver!
First impressions are important, so I washed and detailed the truck.